Spend Earth Day at the U.S. Botanic Garden

Earth Day, a global event in which people show their support for environmental protection, is coming up this Sunday, April 22. Is it a day you celebrate or commemorate in any way? There are many ways to get involved, from participating in a local clean-up effort, to signing petitions, participating in marches, planting trees, or even learning about the environment in some way. A great place to start in the D.C. region is the U.S. Botanical Garden (USBG), a living plant museum that informs visitors about the importance and value of plants to humans and the earth's ecosystems.

The USBG is a complex of three separate gardens - the Conservatory, an indoor garden and gallery, houses a spectacular array of jungle, desert, and primeval plants, that are truly astounding in scope and variety; the National Garden is a 3-acre outdoor garden which highlights the beauty and diversity of plants native to the US, particularly the Mid-Atlantic region; and Bartholdi Park is a 2-acre garden demonstration garden where one can learn methods and techniques to apply to their own home garden.

Through these three gardens, the USBG demonstrates the many vital ways plants are important to the well-being of humankind, as well as promotes botanical knowledge, and fosters sustainability and plant conservation, by educating the public about nurturing the plants that support life on our planet.
The USBG leads an active program and event schedule, with multiple events every day except Sunday, and which is particularly packed and exciting as we head into the spring and summer months. There are guided tours of the Conservatory and outdoor gardens, parent & child programs, cooking demonstrations, topical lectures, fitness programs, theatre performances and concerts! Please click here for the USBG calendar.

The U.S. Botanic Garden is committed to creating exhibits that educate and inspire the public to become more active supporters of the plants that support life on earth. It is a magical place to visit any time of year, and showcases the best of our natural planet in all four seasons. If you are looking for some inspiration this Earth Day, the U.S. Botanic Garden is the perfect place to visit.

Other fun ways to get outside this weekend in celebration of Earth Day could be a nature walk or visiting a local farmers' market. Share with us your favorite ways to explore the great outdoors!