About Dwel

Our Story.....

Dwel was founded on the simple, yet bold, premise to take the "corporate" out of corporate housing. What do we mean by this? Quite simply it comes down to one thing - the guest.

The guest is the most important part of the equation. Unfortunately, some companies have forgotten this, so we felt it was time to approach 'corporate housing' from the guest's perspective.

To us it's all about providing each guest with the best possible Experience, Service and Space. And, while we're at it, let's replace cumbersome and complicated with straight forward and simple.

Because that's the way hospitality should be.


Our Name.....

dwell - /dwel/ - Def - live in or at a specified place.

The name Dwel wasn't chosen by chance. It's the phonetic spelling of dwell which means, in part: 'to live, reside, be settled'.  It's how we want our guests to feel - like they're living, not just staying.

Dwell also means to 'think at length about a particular subject'.  We've certainly thought long and hard about how we approach this business to ensure that everything we do stays consistent with why Dwel was founded.  

And, we'll not stop thinking about ways to continually improve - whether it's something as complicated as technology or as detailed as how we fold the towels.