Virginia Presidential Tour

The inauguration of our 45th President is this Friday, January 20, so we thought this a good time to take a look back, at former Presidents born in our state. Virginia is the birthplace of eight US Presidents, more than any other state! The birthplaces and residences of most are open to the public, and simply insightful and inspiring to visit. All are within three hours of Northern Virginia (though most are less than two hours away!), making a trip to one or two the perfect historical daytrip or weekend escape.

Mount Vernon - George Washington, 1st President 
Mount Vernon, VA
Only 15 miles south of Washington, DC, the estate of our first and most revered president is one of the most popular daytrips for those visiting our nation’s capital. A must-see. 

Monticello - Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President
Charlottesville, VA
A true labor of love, Monticello was painstakingly redesigned and rebuilt dozens of times over Thomas Jefferson’s long and illustrious life. Meticulously upkept, this estate serves as a physical biography of its builder.

Montpelier - James Madison, 4th President  
Montpelier Station, VA
Drastically renovated after passing from the Madison family, the mansion and grounds of Montpelier have undergone significant restoration to return it to its appearance when Madison called it home.

Highland - James Monroe, 5th President
Charlottesville, VA
Right next door to Thomas Jefferson lived best friend James Monroe, in a beautiful mansion set upon some of the finest terrain in Virginia.

Berkeley Plantation - William Henry Harrison, 9th President 
Charles City, VA
Berkeley Plantation has a storied history; in addition to being the birthplace of our 9th president, it was built in the year of the first official Thanksgiving, home to a signer of the Declaration of Independence, occupied during the Civil War and the site of the composition of ‘Taps.’

Sherwood Forest - John Tyler, 10th President 
Charles City, VA
Still owned by John Tyler’s descendants, Sherwood Forest has been in continuous use since it was built in the 1600’s and is considered one of the most complete plantations in the US.

Manse - Woodrow Wilson, 28th President  
Staunton, VA
Woodrow Wilson’s birthplace has been lovingly restored and turned into an extraordinary museum honoring his life and presidency.

The only Virginia-born President without a home to tour is Zachary Taylor, though it is rumored he was born at Hare Forest Farm in Orange, VA, to this day a private farm. 

Living in Northern Virginia offers the chance to easily step into the past, while always looking to the future. It is one of the most historic areas of the US, and also one of the most bustling modern metropolises. It is easy to see why people come here in droves, whether to visit or to live. If you're considering either, contact Dwel for your luxury boutique serviced residence.