Oktoberfest at Tysons Biergarten

Just around the corner from some of Dwel’s most popular communities, lies a gathering place that follows the hundreds-year-old heritage and traditions of Bavarian bierhalls. If you are driving down Route 7, you might miss it, nestled behind a parking lot in a nondescript office block, but don’t miss the turn, for Tysons Biergarten is a must-see!

On sunny days, the outdoor biergarten is the place to be, filled with picnic tables, yard games, and a projector. Live music is performed every day in the biergarten. If you are in search of a buzzier atmosphere, pop inside the bierhall, which features three levels of frothy good cheer. Each level has a different appeal, so depending on your mood, they have something just for you! If you are seeking a traditional German bierhall, complete with bratwurst and lager, then hightail it to the main floor bar. If you are looking for a cozier evening with whiskey and craft beer, go straight to the American Underground, in the lower level. Tysons Biergarten truly has something for everyone.

Most exciting of all? They are in the midst of their annual Oktoberfest celebration, which extends from mid-September to the end of October. Join them every Saturday for incredible events, ranging from a Euro Beer Fest to an IPA & Cider Festival to a Chili Cook-Off to Bier-O-Ween! Check their website for details.
Tysons Biergarten is laid out like a traditional bierhall, so be sure to buy some chips at the kiosk on your way inside to exchange for food and beer.

There is much to see and do in Tysons, close to many of Dwel’s most popular communities! If you are looking for a furnished residence in the Tysons area, contact the Team @ Dwel.