Renowned French Patisserie Coming to Georgetown

Washington, DC is about to become much more chic with the opening of iconic French patisserie, La Maison Ladurée on M Street in the heart of Georgetown, later this year. Ladurée dates back to 1862, when Louis-Ernest Ladurée, a Renaissance man of sorts - miller, writer, baker, social reformist - opened his eponymous bakery in central Paris. Throughout the decades, Ladurée was a well-known bakery, passed down through the family, gaining particular fame in the 1930’s when Laduree’s grandson, Pierre Desfontaines, opened a tearoom for both ladies and gents (a big no-no back then) and had the brilliant idea of combining two macaron shells with ganache filling. Ladurée was purchased by another Parisian family in 1993, with aims of expanding this world-renowned pastry shop, while still holding true to its luxurious Parisian roots.

Since acquiring Ladurée, the new ownership has expanded Ladurée’s repertoire significantly. Previously, only four macaron flavors were on offer. Today, there are over 100 rotating flavors at each of its 100 locations on 6 continents, with between 14-18 flavors available at all times. Some of the delectable flavors include pistachio, salted caramel, rose, raspberry and almond. Seasonal and local varieties are available; DC’s Ladurée house will have a cherry blossom macaron.

Ladurée is as much known for the aesthetics of its interior as it is for its beautiful treats. Every Ladurée house is sumptuously and extravagantly decked out in plush fabrics, wild prints, chandeliers, antique decor and trompe l’oeil ceilings. Whisked away into the romance of a Parisian patisserie from a bygone era, it’s hard not to Instagram everything in sight and load up on box upon beautiful box of the picture perfect pastries.

Visiting Ladurée in Paris is on most tourists’ must-see list, for a bit of Parisian je-ne-sais-quoi in the form of perfectly round, delicate, colorful macarons and other intricately exquisite pastries. Even the pastry boxes are irresistible - gilded, dainty, just right to gift someone special. While DC is not Paris, the opulent, feminine, French pastry house will transport its visitors to a quaint Parisian bakery, an indulgent respite of brocade and sugar, because, sometimes, it is alright to admire something just because it’s beautiful.