Where to Watch Independence Day Fireworks around Washington, D.C.

Independence Day is undoubtedly the best time to be in Washington, D.C. After all, where better to celebrate our nation’s independence than in the capital city? D.C. is a city best explored in the warmer months, when the brilliant blue sky provides the perfect backdrop to the grand neoclassical buildings; the city comes alive after a long winter and everyone is outdoors savoring the sticky heat before the cold returns. Throngs descend upon the National Mall to watch the country’s most celebrated fireworks, but if you don’t feel like fighting the crowds, here are some suggestions for other spots to catch a great view of the fireworks:
U.S. Air Force Memorial
Situated high above Arlington, the U.S. Air Force Memorial is an optimal spot from which to view the fireworks.
Lady Bird Johnson Park
Follow the George Washington Parkway southbound to find this picturesque island. Have a wander through the beautifully landscaped island, before selecting your seat in the grass for the fireworks show.
Washington National Cathedral
The grassy knoll on which the Cathedral is situated is one of the highest points in D.C., making it an ideal place to lay out a picnic and enjoy the festivities.
U.S. Supreme Court Plaza
The awe-inspiring Supreme Court building faces a large, open plaza that is perfect for viewing the fireworks, and remembering the freedom we are celebrating.
Mount Vernon Trail
The Mount Vernon Trail sits beside the Potomac River from Mount Vernon all the way to Theodore Roosevelt Island, an astonishingly scenic 18 mile path. Grab a bike, or head out on foot, to find the perfect vantage point.
U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial
Choose a spot in front of the iconic Iwo Jima Memorial to catch a memorable glimpse of the fireworks from Arlington.
The fireworks usually start just after 9 PM, so pack a picnic, lay out a blanket and settle in for a patriotic evening!
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