8 Farm-to-Table Restaurants

Did you know that the average meal in the US travels around 1,500 miles from farm to table? Many restaurants in the DC area are working to lessen their carbon footprint by sourcing their food (and drinks) locally- some as local as their own gardens or farms!

Landsdowne Resort
44050 Woodridge Parkway, Leesburg, VA
Landsdowne has an herb garden that grows 21 different herbs, from cilantro and rosemary to chocolate mint and lemon balm. These herbs make their way into many of the dishes at the resort’s six restaurants.

Salamander Resort
500 North Pendleton St., Middleburg, VA
Salamander’s 1-acre garden supplies herbs and bountiful produce to its three restaurants. It has a designated "green team" on site with a commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.

Trummer’s on Main
7134 Main St., Clifton, VA
Between garden plots at the restaurant and at the chef’s home, Trummer’s on Main boasts 8 raised beds and multiple pots in which they grow red sorrel, tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, squash, and more.

Evening Star Cafe
2000 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria, VA
The Evening Star Cafe combines gracious hospitality with a seasonal American menu, much of which features produce grown on the 1,360-square-foot rooftop garden as well as by local farmers throughout the region.

Restaurant Eve
110 S. Pitt St., Alexandria, VA 22314
Restaurant Eve grows herbs and fruits in their own garden. They showcase the best hand-fed, farm-raised, organically grown bounty Virginia and the surrounding countryside have to offer.

Market Table Bistro
13 Broad Way East, Lovettsville, VA 20180
Market Table Bistro partners with local growers, vintners and culinary artisans to offer locally produced items. Their menus change often to reflect the tastes of the season, as they only use fresh local ingredients from area growers, vintners and culinary artisans.

The Dabney
122 Blagden Alley NW, Washington, DC 20001
The Dabney’s commitment to sourcing quality, sustainable foods is fierce. They tend a rooftop garden for herbs and microgreens and work with the best growers local to the Mid-Atlantic region.