Dwel Cares

In a little change of pace, we are going to highlight two non-profit organizations very close to our hearts, whom we work with closely, and who inspire us in their daily missions. This week we are excited to share a local non-profit that seeks to help adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities find fulfillment through skillful work...and also happens to make some of the most delicious chocolate this side of the Mississippi!

Cameron’s Coffee and Chocolates is a non-profit cafe in Fairfax, the first business opened by Every1 Can Work, a local non-profit foundation. Every1 Can Work aims to give adults with cognitive disabilities self-esteem and purpose through gainful employment and vocational training. When the Graham family’s eldest daughter, Cameron, finished vocational training in the culinary arts, they struggled to find her work in a local bakery that hired those with disabilities. Inspiration hit, and they founded Every1 Can Work as a platform for people to start businesses that provide meaningful work for disabled adults. Cameron’s is the first business founded through this platform.

The aroma of chocolate and pastries wafts from the back kitchen of Cameron’s, where everything is handcrafted from fresh ingredients daily, into the cafe, a little reassurance for first time visitors that this cafe and bakery is the real deal. You can peep into the kitchen and see everything being prepared, as culinary school graduates work alongside the disabled workers to make everything from muffins to cupcakes to wraps to truffles.

People return again and again to Cameron’s because it rolls out incredibly high quality goods. They only use Callebaut Belgian Chocolate to make their barks, truffles, toffee, bars, caramel, non-pareils, and more. They constantly rotate the menu to feature seasonal items, such as peppermint bark during the holidays and pumpkin muffins in autumn. For us caffeine addicts, there is an extensive coffee menu, made from superb coffee beans. If sweets aren’t your thing, they offer savory breakfast and lunch options, such as quiche, salad and wraps.

Part of the Dwel experience is feeling at home from the moment you enter one of our apartments. To that end, we have thought long and hard on must-have household items - Mrs. Meyer’s dish detergent and hand soap, an iron and ironing board, HDTVs, those are just some of the household necessities you find in a Dwel apartment. But dwelling is about more than simply living, it’s about comfort and luxury. Our welcome amenities include San Pellegrino water, organic snacks, fresh fruit, and, you guessed it, Cameron’s chocolate. Upon arrival to a Dwel apartment, you will find a customized Cameron’s chocolate bar right next to your bed. Their motto is “Extraordinary Chocolates Made by Extraordinary People” - we couldn’t agree more.

If you can’t get enough of Cameron’s Chocolate, and would like to visit them or order from their online store, you can find them here