Where to Go for a Business Dinner

Are you in town for a convention or tradeshow, to invest in a new development, or a political meeting? There’s no doubt about it, Washington, DC is a town of wheeling and dealing. Whether you are dining with a long-time colleague or forging a new relationship, taking them to one of the following restaurants is bound to impress...

Near the White House and numerous theatres, Tosca’s location is perfect for many reasons. The bright, sleek, no-frills dining room ensures there will be no distraction from the conversation or from the Italian cuisine. The dishes take from Chef Massimo Fabbri’s family recipes, passed down through generations, from North Italian traditions, and from local and seasonal ingredients. You and your guests will be raving.

Central Michel Richard
You cannot go wrong with a Michel Richard restaurant, you just can’t. Central is his take on an American bistro with a French twist. Centrally located in Downtown DC, Central is very convenient no matter your plans. The starters are perfect for settling into a long, convivial meal. Then tuck joyfully into a dinner of lobster, duck confit or short ribs in this sophisticated bistro.

Medium Rare
This popular joint has locations in both Cleveland Park and Downtown, easy to nip into no matter where in the city you find yourself. Simplicity is key at Medium Rare. They serve just one meal for dinner- steak and fries. With the decision made for you, sit back, relax and unwind over a glass of red wine as you engage in a lively conversation. With just one item on the menu, it’d be easy to assume Medium Rare has a niche following of die-hard steak lovers, but you’d wrong as this place is jam-packed every night. Or maybe DC is just a city that loves its steak.

The Monocle 
An American steak and seafood restaurant, The Monocle has been open since 1960, so come here if you or your guests love to dine where former statesmen have also dined. Its location on Capitol Hill makes it the perfect spot to have dinner after a long day. The main dining room is wallpapered and sumptuous, elegantly decorated and classic. The menu also features American classics, such as crab cake, salmon, lamb chops and flatiron steak, ensuring everyone will find a favorite.